Japan Today

Japan today is very hot.  Very humid.  The Japanese term is 蒸し暑い-Mushiatsui.  Meaning muggy, but I prefer the Japanese because with as much as I sweat in this heat I feel “mushy”.  Its been 90+ degrees with high humidity.  I suffered heat exhaustion recently so make sure you drink lots of water and mind the electrolytes.  Be aware that it hits you, sometimes before you realize it.
The in-processing experience that is JET post-arrival orientation is everything and more that previous JETs said it would be.  That’s not exactly a compliment.  The JET program has a lot of moving parts to it and a lot of ALTs to administer to.  Being caught in the hustle and bustle can make you wonder what the hell you’re doing on a daily basis and how much planning was given to what you need to do when you hit the ground running.  You know that there is a theoretical plan, but just where you are in it is more of the issue.
Furthermore, Tokyo Jets as myself have compounded issues.  My situation is extraordinarily lucky as I have family in Japan helping me get set up.  But if you get selected as a TJET, you are both blessed and cursed in some ways.
I will update later with a more detailed description of it, but lets just say than katsudon for breakfast makes everything better.




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